Message From The President

The San Bernardino County Public Attorneys Association (SBCPAA) exists to ensure our county and its citizens receive the highest level of service from its prosecutors, public defenders, and child service attorneys. The SBCPAA strives to accomplish this by tirelessly advocating for better working conditions, wages, and benefits to attract and retain the highest quality of civil servants to serve San Bernardino County and its citizenry.

As president, I am proud to represent these men and women who do all they can to keep our communities safe as well as protect the rights of the individuals within the legal system, just as the United States Constitution requires. Further, the fact that so many of our members engage in community service outside of their employment is a testament to the type of people they are and the vision of our community they aspire to create.

One part of my job as president is to make sure our members are aware of the goings-on within the SBCPAA. If you have not already, please register on this website so you can visit our members-only forum to learn about the things your union board has been doing. If you have any questions or concerns, please click on “Contact Us” above.

To the members of the SBCPAA, thank you for everything you do in your service to the people of San Bernardino County.

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Evan Acker
San Bernardino Public Attorneys Association