Message From The President

SBCPAA consistently provides the highest level and quality of services to the citizens of San Bernardino County. Our members protect victims of crimes through the conscientious and conclusive prosecution of criminals, protect the rights of those accused of crimes by diligent and determined representation, and ensure that children in our communities are afforded the support needed to survive through fastidious and firm pursuit of parents who try to avoid their parental financial responsibilities. I am proud to serve this honorable membership, and I endeavor to devote my best efforts to ensure that our SBCPAA members are afforded the same consideration and protection that each member of this association provides to the communities that we serve.

It is important that San Bernardino County continues to recognize SBCPAA’s outstanding services and commitment to our communities by providing fair and comparable compensation and benefits to our members. Just as our members provide top tier services to our community, the County should provide fair market compensation to our members.

As your President, I regularly meet with and continue building solid relationships with San Bernardino County Administrators and Leaders to create an environment that attracts residents, businesses, and community-oriented employees so that each resident will enjoy greater prosperity and benefits in this County. I urge all members of SBCPAA to join me in serving our association just as you serve our communities so that our members can enjoy greater prosperity and benefits just as our communities surely will.

Rick Lal

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President, San Bernardino Public Attorneys Association