About The SBCPAA

The San Bernardino County Public Attorneys Association is committed to elevating the quality of San Bernardino County. We are a service-based membership organization that firmly believes in giving back to the small communities we belong to, in addition to the greater San Bernardino County region. This includes the 24 cities and incorporated towns in San Bernardino County, as well as the many unincorporated areas located within county lines.

In addition, we are committed to doing our part to create an environment that attracts new residents, businesses and community-oriented employees to San Bernardino County. Our members do this through their diligent efforts in their respective practices, and in the courtroom, as they work to protect the interests of children, defend the accused, and prosecute criminals.

Because these are vital services to San Bernardino County that require alliances with our most vulnerable local citizens, we believe our members further the collective goal of greater prosperity throughout the county and subsequently, the Inland Empire at large.

The San Bernardino County Public Attorneys Association also exists to improve the livelihood of its members, ensuring they are able to provide the highest level of service to the residents of San Bernardino County.